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Show catalog pages are being scanned and submitted to this site by people all over the world. There are too many to keep them all available all the time, so these pages will be rotated periodically. There are pages you can view online or zipped groups of pages that you can download. The pages that you can view online are in .gif format, just click on the image from the list that will appear. You should be able to save the images by right clicking and choosing "save image as". If that doesn't work check your browser's instructions for directions.  Some files may contain duplicate information, I Do Not individually check each file. Happy Hunting!

Temporarily Unavailable, will repost the links very soon!

Be aware that show catalog pages can contain errors!
Show catalogs are compiled from information that could be submitted incorrectly or there could be typos. Be especially careful of kitten entries that do not have registration numbers. Kittens may go through many name changes before they are finally registered and even registered kittens can have changes made until they become adults. If you find errors and have data to correct them, please send an email to and we will attach a note to the corresponding page.

We are always looking for more pages to add to our collection. If you have catalogs that you can scan or mail to us for scanning please email for directions. We have CFA fairly well represented and need show catalogs and pedigrees from TICA, CFF and the other associations, as well as international shows.

There are zipped files available for downloading. These files are zipped using WinZip for the PC. I don't know if Macs will be able to open these files. Each zip file contains a group of pages that are in .gif format.

Temporarily Unavailable, will repost the links very soon!

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