101 Frickin Rawsome Recipes by Chris Kendall RHN


What inspired you to write your book?
After studying Nutrition for 5 years and while in school to be a RHN I went to a Health festival and Met a Long Term Raw Food Leader, Dr Douglas Graham. His Lectures and Being hit me like a ton of bricks, The next day I went 100% raw and was blown away by the results. My course changed from going into Nutrition for athletics and self to Spreading the ever increasing want for growth, the Joy and Bliss that is our Natural State when we align ourselves with natures Design, along with a Holistically healthy Lifestyle. My first 4 years Raw I came to Create a ton of recipes that really helped me find Ease with my New Lifestyle as well as Tantalize others with my culenary creations. Always a Chef at heart, in fact I wished to be a chef before getting into Nutrition, I selected the Best of the best and Created “101 Frickin Rawsome Recipes” by donation in the wish to spread it as far and wide as possible. Over 8 years now as a 100% raw food vegan, these are still the recipes I enjoy most often.

About your Book:
101 Simple and Delicious Low Fat Raw Food Recipes that you could find Mother nature serving in the Garden of Eden. With whole food ingredients you can find anywhere these recipes are simple and quick to make. 101 includes key nutritional information and tips such as food combining and sequential eating, all recipes are made for optimal digestion. You aren’t what you eat you are what you absorb! Enjoy growing into new levels of Health and Fitness with ease, Get Frickin’ Rawsome with Chris Kendall’s “101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes”!

Cuisine Style or Food Genre
Raw Food

Sample Recipe or Food Advice
The simple truth of Nutrition is that Mother Nature has got it right. Whole Plant Foods are designed perfectly, they are without doubt what we have been primarily eating for the longest amount of time. The more Fresh Raw Ripe Foods we Enjoy eating, easy to digest whole foods that provide us with the most nutrient per calorie we can find, the healthier and happier we will be. This Simple book makes that not only easy but Mouth wateringly Delicious no matter your appetite or preference.

Presto Sun Dried Tomato Pesto
3 – 4 medium zucchini (1 lb / 460 g)
3 – 4 roma tomatoes (1 lb / 460 g)
sun dried tomatoes (presoaked) ( 1⁄2 cup / 120 g)
hulled hemp hearts (2 – 4 Tbsp / 30 – 60 g)
large handfuls of basil, arugula & spinach
Spiralize or shred zucchini into thin noodles, dice 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 the tomatoes, 1/3 – 1⁄2 sun dried tomatoes and toss with noodles, blend remaining tomato and slowly add all the greens sun dried tomatoes and nuts blending just enough at slow speed for thicker chunkier pesto, or at faster speeds for smooth sauce. I prefer slower speeds leaving it chunky, you may need to take some time and use a few stalks of celery or the tamper to get thick sauce thick and chunky, dice remaining celery and add to noodles. One of my all time favourites!! (400 – 550 cal.)
Enjoy much Peacelovenseasonalfruit ck

What formats are your books in

How do you see writing a food/cookbook as different from writing other genres of books?
I feel that Writing a Food/Uncookbook haha is differnet from writing other genres simply because you actually are passing more than information on, with such a book you are giving another the power to create not only something physical in their kitchen to eat, but also something that can effect their life and the life of all of those they love in limitless ways. I feel so blessed to be able to share the fruits of my study passion and experience, passing on mother natures love and abundance. Plus they require less total words and more experience over research… ahah 😉

What advice would you give to someone that is thinking about or currently working on a food book or cookbook
My Advice to anyone Thinking about writing, or currently writing a Food Book, is to Start. Ready, Fire, Aim!! You can always adjust as you go, write it out fast, then go back over it and adjust.

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
I decideed to first self publish my book on my own website at http://therawadvantage.com so that I could 1st offer it as a ebook via Donation, and 2ndly offer a written copy exactly how I wish it to be at the price I want. All this said I am excited at the prospect of linking up with a major publisher as my aim is to bring this message of Natures Simplicity, Fun and Ease in Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle to the Mainstream.

With and in my Experience I would recommend anyone to start via self publishing, researching Amazon, Smashwords, Kindle etc as well as working with a Publicist to consider options with Publishers.
I do also have the Ebook copies available through Smashwords and Amazon/Kindle.

Author Bio:
Chris Kendall was born August 17th 1980 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. He earns his Banana’s by offering his services up By Donation as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, 100% Raw Food Lifestyle Coach/Mentor, offering both Yoga and Skateboarding lessons/classes as well as flowing as a Full Time Live in Raw Food Lifestyle Coach.

Since the age of 5 Chris pushed himself athletically as a skateboarder, and currently competitive raw vegan athlete / amateur skateboarder. Taking part in a period of poor lifestyle and food choices in his mid to late teens led to early injury, poor recovery, with a predictable decline in vitality and vigor. It was these experiences that spawned a early interest in nutrition and its connection to fitness by the age of 18.

During his first 5 years of personal research, Chris underwent multiple cleanses, read dozens of books, and gained knowledge from various natural health practitioners and enthusiasts. It was in these first few years that a transition from “sad” (standard American diet) to a more whole foods vegetarian, and then vegan diet was made and real progress began. A 2nd passion was born in Holistic Nutrition and Natural Hygiene, one that would consume him and forever entwine with his life.

While attending schooling to become a R H N (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) Chris went to a health festival to expand his learning and consequently found the low fat raw vegan lifestyle. While at the festival he was fortunate to learn directly from a undisputed leader in the field and at the time twenty-seven year raw foodist Dr Douglas Graham. As if hit by lightening Chris intellectually saw and felt Doug’s Truth, within the first day meeting Dr Graham Chris adopted a 100% low fat raw vegan lifestyle. This first life changing trial lasted for 1 month, followed by 8 months on the second go. Since then he hasn’t looked back beyond some common early transitional bumps and/or “fall’s off the wagon.”

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