Chris Bass – Everything You Need to Know About Booktango @BookGoodies

Chris Bass, Director of Marketing for Booktango, joins Bookgoodies host Deborah Carney for a discussion about self pulblishing and how Booktango helps authors, plus allows them to keep more of their royalties.

What’s the biggest misunderstanding between authors and publishers? It’s almost always sales and royalties What publisher pays authors the entire sales price of their book? One does. Such a claim could sound too good to be true. However, for authors that e-publish through Booktango, one of the new players in the e-publishing industry, it is true.

Here’s the fine print:
-Your e-book must be purchased through the Booktango online bookstore. The book will be available to buy through all e-reader devices, but the e-books retailers will take their standard fee. Booktango takes nothing.
-The offer is good for books published via Booktango (and sold through its online bookstore) through July 4, 2012.
-The offer remains in effect for the life of the e-book.
-For sales made through those other retailers, the author retains 100% of the net royalties – in other words, royalties earned after the e-book retailer’s standard fee is deducted.

Some topics we cover:
Why e-publishing is good for the book industry.
Why traditionally published authors are turning their back catalogues into e-published books.
Why traditional publishers need to innovate.
How Booktango will differentiate itself in the market long-term

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