My Review of American Goddesses by Gary Henry

Book: American Goddesses by Gary Henry

I enjoyed the story American Goddesses even though it did get a bit sappy towards the end. Now being an emotional female, I cried and hugged and shared the sorrow with the characters, but a guy would probably say, “Okay enough of the tears, just get on with the story already…. Alright a man hug. There are you happy now?”

American Goddesses is a story about two women, Megan and Trish, who volunteer for a medical experiment that could wipe out all diseases known to man or woman, from the common cold to cancer. What they get are super powers that complicate their lives in good and bad ways.

Gary did an excellent job of weaving the story so that you felt you were a part of it. You felt the emotions of the characters. You could see them just as clearly as if you were in Gary’s head as he wrote.

Would I recommend American Goddesses? Yes. Would I give it five stars? Yes, I would.