Donna Brown and Coral Russell Discuss @TheIndieExchange with @BookGoodies

Donna Brown and Coral Russell joins BookGoodies host Deborah Carney to discuss The Indie Exchange plus writing, publishing and all things book related. There is a mini-tutorial about Goodreads too that you must listen to and a great Goodreads Group you need to join.
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LinDee Rochelle Interview with @BookGoodies

Author consultant LinDee Rochelle of Penchant for Penning joins BookGoodies podcast host Deborah Carney to talk about the services they provide for authors.

My Penchant for Penning services provide editing and author consulting primarily for new authors trying to navigate today’s convoluted writing and publishing industry. I respond to the age-old query, “I wrote a book, now what?!” to offer insights, tips and techniques that prepare authors for their books’ future. Publishing has changed drastically in the past 10-20 years, and is still in confused flux. The number of book authors for instance, exploded over the past decade from a thousands of generally good authors and a handful of excellent writers (famous and not-yet), to become a glut of poor-to-mediocre authors scrambling over each other to be noticed. What became of the “excellent” writers? They are obscured by the cacophony.

PFP assists writers to “be the best that they can be,” to coin the military phrase. And to make the best choices possible for achieving their goals. Most new authors have not yet formed clear goals for their books, nor considered the steps they need to take to create the best possible success for themselves. Vital elements like editing (sometimes more than once), creating marketing and business plans, and establishing a budget should even precede seeking a publisher.

Penchant for Penning provides the illumination and clarity authors need to move forward.

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Chris Bass – Everything You Need to Know About Booktango @BookGoodies

Chris Bass, Director of Marketing for Booktango, joins Bookgoodies host Deborah Carney for a discussion about self pulblishing and how Booktango helps authors, plus allows them to keep more of their royalties.

What’s the biggest misunderstanding between authors and publishers? It’s almost always sales and royalties What publisher pays authors the entire sales price of their book? One does. Such a claim could sound too good to be true. However, for authors that e-publish through Booktango, one of the new players in the e-publishing industry, it is true.
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